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Expand the number of users, telephones, consoles and radio channels easily without control cards or specialized hardware.


Link two-way radios, mobile devices and smartphones with your mission-critical communications system.


Manage and support thousands of consoles, radio or telephone endpoints using enterprise-enabled management tools.


Extend your legacy land-mobile radio infrastructure by linking it to your VoIP/telephone network – avoiding a costly investment in new hardware.


Use our SIP enabled consoles, radio endpoints and telephones to simplify your network, whether your deployment is local, regional or global.


Bridge incompatible radio channels such as VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHZ and P25 with any voice network to link vital people, organizations and processes.

Efficiently Achieve Your Unified Communication Goals

Add previously incompatible two-way radios to your core communication network and extend your reach.

With a converged phone and land mobile radio network, you can collaborate seamlessly over previously incompatible devices. Radios, dispatch systems and telephones become part of the same communication framework – boosting productivity, eliminating duplicate infrastructure and significantly reducing your operating costs.