Communicate Seamlessly
From any voice enabled device to any vital system or organizations
Zero Confusion And Chaos
Coordinate with confidence across different organizations and agencies
to avoid chaos and establish a seamless response.
Connected Intermodals
    Link Vital Operations and Business Functions.
    Unify Ground, Air and Marine Communications.
    Optimize Passenger and Freight Movement
Save Time – and Lives
Connect responders and dispatchers with incident managers across multiple teams and broad geographies regardless of the scale of the emergency.
Deploy highly scalable IP/SIP-enabled radio-telephony platforms to instantly link global airline operations with ground-to-air and ground-to-ground communications.
Unlock Your Operations Potential

    Mobilize Your Workforce with Mobile Radio Access
    Unify Your Land-Mobile Radio, Voice and IP Traffic
    Implement Location Independent Consoles
    Employ Local and Global Survivability

Management team

iNEMSOFT is managed by an executive team highly experienced in communication technology and in the challenges faced by both businesses and public sector organizations. The company’s management team has extensive expertise in systems architecture, software design and development. The core management team has been with the company for over a decade and continues to innovate and produce numerous products and solutions. These include solutions for large scale radio and telephone interoperability, disaster recovery, and serving wide range of enterprise customers in the railroad, airlines, government, public safety and transportation industries.
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