Communicate Seamlessly
From any voice enabled device to any vital system or organizations
Zero Confusion And Chaos
Coordinate with confidence across different organizations and agencies
to avoid chaos and establish a seamless response.
Connected Intermodals
Link Vital Operations and Business Functions
Save Time and Money
Connect your enterprise resources and dispatchers with managers across multiple teams and broad geographies.
Deploy highly scalable IP/SIP-enabled radio-telephony platforms to link your global operations with deployed field resources
Unlock Your Operations Potential
Mobilize Your Workforce with Mobile Radio Access Unify Your Land-Mobile Radio, Voice and IP Traffic

INEMSOFT demonstrates its SIP-based radio-telephone dispatch console and mobile PTT applications connecting conventional, digital radios and Kodiak’s Carrier-Integrated Broadband PTT services and designed for mission-critical, dispatch and emergency contact centers.

AVAYA and INEMSOFT are joining forces for the upcoming 2017 Canadian Utilities & Critical Infrastructure Information & Communications Technology Conference September 26 – 28, 2017 in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Meet with us in booth #47 at UTCC where we will demonstrate INEMSOFT’s integrated SIP-based radio-telephone dispatch console and mobile PTT applications designed for mission-critical Customer Contact Centers.

Why is this important to you? INEMSOFT’s next generation SIP-based console system unifies conventional radio, digital and Broadband PTT systems with Avaya Aura for unified communications and advanced contact centers.  This mission critical, end-to-end solution provides seamless dispatch and radio-telephony integration for field operations, consolidated dispatch centers and corporate wide networking.

INEMSOFT will demonstrate its radio and voice solution integrated with Avaya Aura, Kodiak’s Broadband PTT and Power Trunk’s Tetra Radios supported by Rockwell Collins’s Radio Technology team for design, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Deployed to mobile devices and tablets, the solution offers greater mobility while facilitating deployments from a cloud-based and shared infrastructure. The solution enables organization to connect with its customers and users via telephones, hotlines, public announcement and conventional and digital radio channels as well as Broadband PTT widening systems and user interoperability.

INEMSOFT’s mobile applications and tablets can be deployed for dispatch and call answering operations within utilities, public safety, airlines, railroads and mission-critical contact centers.

See you there!

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