Regardless of your industry, iNEMSOFT can help you address your most pressing communication interoperability and disaster recovery challenges.

iNEMSOFT Education Communication Solutions

Higher Education

Our software-based, ClassOne® solutions link campus phones, paging systems, two-way radios, wireless devices and emergency dispatch systems in a single “system of systems.” You can even communicate with previously incompatible radios used by other public safety agencies so you can stay in touch with first responders during a campus emergency.

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iNEMSOFT Public Safety Communication Solutions

Public Safety

You’ll be able to orchestrate even the largest-scale emergency response across multiple organizations – connecting tiers of first responders and dispatchers across a broad range of technologies and geographical region.

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iNEMSOFT Transportation Communication


Two-way radios are a common fixture among railroad companies, trucking companies, airlines and other transportation service providers. But radio-based systems are typically isolated from enterprise voice networks.

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iNEMSOFT Utilities Communication Solutions


Managing a public utility, fuel or energy business comes with a host of complexities. Field staff at pumping stations, oil platforms, high-tech distribution centers and other remote sites may be accessible only by land-mobile or marine radio.

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iNEMSOFT Government Agency Communication Solutions

Government Agencies and Financial Institutions

If your agency has a radio network or works with agencies that do, you are no doubt familiar with the challenges. There is simply no easy and inexpensive way to communicate between radios and phones or across incompatible radio systems. It’s a problem that can add an additional layer of stress and frustration at a time when the stakes are high.

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iNEMSOFT Disaster Recovery Communication Solutions

Disaster Recovery

iNEMSOFT provides powerful business continuity capabilities to organizations using an Avaya Aura® Communications Manager and IP/SIP telephones. We help you achieve seamless, uninterrupted communication during system upgrades, outages and other business disrupting events.

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iNEMSOFT Utilities Communication Solutions


A growing number of public policy mandates are targeting isolated communication
“stovepipes” that impede emergency response and impact public safety. These mandates are requiring new interoperable platforms that involve a significant capital investment.
iNEMSOFT eases the transition by bridging old systems and new.

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iNEMSOFT Communication Solutions Avaya

For Avaya Core Communications

Get more out of your Avaya investment iNEMSOFT helps Avaya Aura® users get more out their system investment by bridging the technology gulf between phones and two-way radios.

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