Communicate Seamlessly
From any voice enabled device to any vital system or organizations
Zero Confusion And Chaos
Coordinate with confidence across different organizations and agencies
to avoid chaos and establish a seamless response.
Connected Intermodals
Link Vital Operations and Business Functions
Save Time and Money
Connect your enterprise resources and dispatchers with managers across multiple teams and broad geographies.
Deploy highly scalable IP/SIP-enabled radio-telephony platforms to link your global operations with deployed field resources
Unlock Your Operations Potential
Mobilize Your Workforce with Mobile Radio Access Unify Your Land-Mobile Radio, Voice and IP Traffic



Get more out of your Avaya investment

iNEMSOFT helps Avaya Aura® users get more out their network investment by bridging the technology gulf between phones and two-way radios. Using a software-based solution that is compliance-tested by Avaya for interoperability, we bring previously incompatible devices together for seamless collaboration. Radios, dispatch systems and telephone devices become part of the same communication framework, eliminating duplicate infrastructure and significantly reducing your operating costs.

Based on the strategic value our software delivers, Avaya has selected iNEMSOFT for its Select Product Program. That means our products are sold by both Avaya and its channel partners. You can place a single order for a comprehensive solution that unifies all your communication channels over a high-availability, fault-tolerant IP/SIP network.

iNEMSOFT ClassOne® solutions integrate seamlessly with the following Avaya systems and
applications: Avaya Aura Communication Manager, Call Center Elite, Meeting Exchange,
Session/System Manager, Application Enablement Services, G450 Media Gateway, and IP, SIP, analog and digital telephones.

key inemsoft capabilities:

  • Unify two-way radios into your enterprise voice communication fabric.
  • Extend unified communication and collaboration features to radio devices to broaden their capabilities.
  • Use web-based administrative tools for easy management and maintenance of communication endpoints from anywhere.
  • Establish transparent endpoint fail over paths across multiple instances of Avaya Aura® for improved business continuity.
  • Scale to support peak demand without having to add control cards or specialized hardware.
  • Achieve a seamless upgrade path for obsolete radio systems.
  • Select dedicated servers with preloaded software or benefit from fully virtualized solutions.
  • Compliance-tested for interoperability
    with Avaya Aura®

    Selected as a strategic solution sold by Avaya
    and its channel partners

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