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Government Agencies and Financial Institutions

Focus on the emergency, not the device

If your agency has a radio network or works with agencies that do, you are no doubt familiar with the challenges. There is simply no easy or inexpensive way to communicate between radios and phones or across incompatible radio systems. It’s a problem that can add an additional layer of stress and frustration at a time when the stakes are high.

iNEMSOFT helps you bridge the divide and communicate seamlessly with anyone from
anywhere at any time. Our solutions free you to focus on the emergency at hand, without having to worry about device at hand. Radios, telephones, satellite, wired and wireless
communications become part of an all-in-one system.

We offer both “fixed” solutions that can be incorporated into your agency communication
network, as well as mobile solutions you can mount in an SUV to establish a remote command center. Both allow you to dispatch calls across any radio type, frequency or channel. You can dynamically add field commanders and responders – allowing them to connect, transfer, conference and talk with both radios and telephones.


  • Communicate seamlessly with emergency responders from multiple agencies, regardless of the device used.
  • Establish a portable communications hub in disaster situations.
  • Provide a remote backup for answering and dispatching emergency 911 calls.
  • Establish automated rules to route radio and telephone callers to the appropriate personnel.
  • Speed-dial telephones directly from a radio without having to involve a dispatcher.


    Supporting Rapid Response

The Challenge.
Federal, state and local organizations all face a similar challenge. How do you link critical personnel within and across agencies to perform mission-critical tasks, regardless of where they are or the type of device they have in hand?
The Solution.
The iNEMSOFT ClassOne® family of solutions helps government organizations connect people and technologies for a single, seamless flow of information.
The Benefits.
Agencies using iNEMSOFT eliminate communication barriers and can dispatch, deploy and respond in record time. They are poised to protect and secure critical infrastructure, better respond to public emergencies and natural disasters, and improve day-to-day service to citizens.


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