Communicate Seamlessly
From any voice enabled device to any vital system or organizations
Zero Confusion And Chaos
Coordinate with confidence across different organizations and agencies
to avoid chaos and establish a seamless response.
Connected Intermodals
Link Vital Operations and Business Functions
Save Time and Money
Connect your enterprise resources and dispatchers with managers across multiple teams and broad geographies.
Deploy highly scalable IP/SIP-enabled radio-telephony platforms to link your global operations with deployed field resources
Unlock Your Operations Potential
Mobilize Your Workforce with Mobile Radio Access Unify Your Land-Mobile Radio, Voice and IP Traffic



Take full command of campus emergencies

Protecting student populations across a broad campus can be daunting. But iNEMSOFT makes the task easier. During a crisis situation, we help you communicate across disparate systems for a well-coordinate response. ClassOne® solutions link campus phones, paging systems, two-way radios, wireless devices and emergency dispatch systems in a single “system of systems.” You can even communicate with previously incompatible radios used by other public safety agencies so you can stay in touch with first responders in the field.

key inemsoft capabilities:

  • Turn campus police radios into telephone extensions on your network.
  • Communicate seamlessly with public safety organizations.
  • Capture the location and identity of incoming 911 telephone callers.
  • Equip your team to manage and command campus emergencies from anywhere.
  • Record both phone and radio calls.
  • Broadcast campus alerts from any device.


Case Study

The Challenge

Campus police dispatchers at a large university were responsible for fielding emergency calls from students, faculty and staff. But technology barriers meant they were unable to communicate seamlessly with the fixed and land-mobile radios used by campus police and city first responders. Multiple dispatch consoles, radio types and telephones were needed to receive incoming calls and engage the proper authorities on the right device.

The Solution.

iNEMSOFT designed a solution to integrate campus police radios into the university’s unified communication network using our ClassOne® iCAS Radio Servers, IP Radio Gateways and Consoles.

The Benefits.

Dispatchers now use a single iNEMSOFT console to communicate seamlessly with phones and with radios of various types and frequencies for a rapid and well-coordinated response. They can route and record calls, conference previously incompatible devices, monitor traffic and more – all through an easy-to-use interface.

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