Communicate Seamlessly
From any voice enabled device to any vital system or organizations
Zero Confusion And Chaos
Coordinate with confidence across different organizations and agencies
to avoid chaos and establish a seamless response.
Connected Intermodals
    Link Vital Operations and Business Functions.
    Unify Ground, Air and Marine Communications.
    Optimize Passenger and Freight Movement
Save Time – and Lives
Connect responders and dispatchers with incident managers across multiple teams and broad geographies regardless of the scale of the emergency.
Deploy highly scalable IP/SIP-enabled radio-telephony platforms to instantly link global airline operations with ground-to-air and ground-to-ground communications.
Unlock Your Operations Potential

    Mobilize Your Workforce with Mobile Radio Access
    Unify Your Land-Mobile Radio, Voice and IP Traffic
    Implement Location Independent Consoles
    Employ Local and Global Survivability



Orchestrate an effective, cross-agency response

iNEMSOFT simplifies the often frustrating task of communicating across organizations and agencies. By bridging incompatible radios, telephones and cell phones, we enable first responders to communicate seamlessly as part of one well-coordinated team. You’ll be able to orchestrate even the largest-scale emergency response across multiple organizations – connecting tiers of first responders and dispatchers across a broad range of technologies and geographical regions.

key inemsoft capabilities:

  • Communicate with first responders regardless of their radio or voice system.
  • Link public safety answering points, emergency call centers and emergency operations centers.
  • Capture caller and location identification to expedite emergency response.
  • Integrate dispatch centers with phone networks, intercom systems and hotlines.
  • Send outbound alerts.
  • Establish large-scale conferences from a software-based dispatch console.
  • Route calls to a specific responder or groups of responders.


supporting a rapid emergency response

Case Study

The Challenge

Seamless communication between private organizations and public first responders is critical to a rapid response in times of emergency. Safety dispatchers at a large university needed to communicate seamlessly with first responders working for city agencies, as well as with the fixed and mobile radios used by campus police. But multiple dispatch consoles, radio types and telephones were needed to receive incoming calls and engage the proper authorities on the right device.

The Solution.

iNEMSOFT ClassOne® solutions bridge the technology divide between old systems and new standards, giving organizations immediate interoperability at a fraction of the cost of a forklift upgrade. Old, legacy systems and new technology are able to operate together as part of a single communication continuum.

The Benefits.

Dispatchers now use a single iNEMSOFT console to communicate seamlessly with phones and with radios of various types and frequencies used by first responders – promoting a more rapid emergency response. They can route and record calls, conference previously incompatible devices, monitor traffic and more – all through an easy-to-use interface.
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