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Be ready for the Unexpected

Managing a public utility, fuel or energy business comes with a host of complexities. Field staff at pumping stations, oil platforms, high-tech distribution centers and other remote sites may be accessible only by land-mobile and marine radios. But immediate communication is required during emergencies and unexpected spikes in demand.

iNEMSOFT ClassOne® interoperability solutions bring telephones, radios, mobile devices and even digitally enabled data gathering equipment together on a single platform. You’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips so you can respond more quickly and effectively than ever before.


  • Consolidate radio and telephony networks into one system for seamless connectivity and reduced support costs.
  • Extend call center capabilities to your dispatch and emergency response centers, including skills-based routing, caller ID and more.
  • Enable customer service and dispatch operators to work seamlessly from anywhere.
  • Deploy IP phones or dispatch consoles at a remote location for disaster recovery.
  • Benefit from call recording and quality monitoring over an IP network for both radio and telephone calls.


    Coordinating Field Crews During an Outage

The Challenge.
During a critical outage, it’s time for “all hands on deck.” Repair crews often travel in from neighboring communities and states to assist. But how do you establish effective communication with personnel who are there to help you restore service?
The Solution.
iNEMSOFT’s ClassOne® solutions help you link your dispatchers with emergency operations crews, regardless of the radio types used in the field.
The Benefits.
iNEMSOFT solutions provide the flexibility to overcome communication barriers and can enable our customers to respond to critical events in record time. Our customers can protect and secure critical infrastructure, respond to outages more quickly and effectively, and improve the service delivered to their customers.


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