All iNEMSOFT solutions require maintenance and support agreements beyond the standard product and service warranties.

iNEMSOFT Software Support and Upgrade

Software media replacement Y Y
Access to remote software support Y Y
Ticket creation Y Y
Access to software patches, fixes and updates Y Y
Access to security patches Y Y
Access to major release upgrades Y Y
Terms 3 year 3 year

* Based on business hours of 8a.m. – 5p.m CST. Calls after hours require a minimum of two hours per incident.

iNEMSOFT Hardware Maintenance Options

Hardware replacement parts per SOW Y
Access to remote hardware support via phone Y
Ticket creation Y
Access to firmware patches, fixes and updates Y
Terms 3 year

Technical Support Contacts, Policies and Procedures

Customers will be required to sign the iNEMSOFT Support Agreement or a mutually developed Software Maintenance Agreement in order to receive support from iNEMSOFT.


“Parts to Site” Time Frame Commitment and Spares

Appliance Server and Integrated Operator Console Hardware
Optional appliance hardware offered by iNEMSOFT is based on commercially available server technology. iNEMSOFT passes through the manufacturer’s standard three-year warranty. If preferred, the customer can procure iNEMSOFT-specified servers directly from the manufacturer or an authorized reseller. Care pack upgrades from the manufacturer include next-day business exchange. As an alternative, the customer can elect to maintain a spares inventory for immediate remediation.

iNEMSOFT provides advance replacement service if the customer requests; the costs are passed to the customer as an upgraded care pack. Speed of delivery for replacement parts depends on the care pack purchased and can vary from same day (spares in inventory on site) to next-day business exchange, to three to five business days under standard warranty for uses that are not mission critical. Manufacturer-provided parts for the USA are usually shipped from a regional warehouse. iNEMSOFT recommends and designs mission-critical systems and recommends local redundancy (server pairs) or multiple server pairs across the customer network for the highest levels of business continuity and disaster recovery.

For all other iNEMSOFT hardware used by ClassOne®, iNEMSOFT provides a standard 90-day warranty and allows the customer to procure additional maintenance and support contracts. Products under iNEMSOFT maintenance and support contracts will include parts replacement shipped within two business days for exchange. The customer can choose instead to maintain a spares inventory for immediate remediation. iNEMSOFT provides advance replacement service if the customer requests; the costs are part of an upgraded care pack.


Tech Support Ticket Logging/Process

iNEMSOFT supports the following ticketing and help-desk support process:

  • iNEMSOFT receives the first contact from the customer (trained, Tier 1 contact).
  • iNEMSOFT gathers customer information, error logs, error conditions, severity and opens a ticket.
  • iNEMSOFT performs an initial analysis and triage and assigns the ticket.
  • iNEMSOFT works with necessary parties, including the customer, to resolve the ticket.
  • iNEMSOFT provides resolution information to the customer and closes the ticket once a resolution is determined.

iNEMSOFT and the customer will meet periodically (quarterly) and work together proactively to examine ticket trends, common “root causes” and other data that can improve stability and drive improvements that lead to better customer satisfaction and efficiency.


First Contact from the Customer

The first customer contact can be via telephone or by email to iNEMSOFT’s support team.  iNEMSOFT will acknowledge the receipt of a customer issue by opening a ticket.  The ticket assignment and status will be tracked from opening to closure in real time.


Ticket Context, Analysis and Triage

iNEMSOFT will determine the business impact of the reported issue by speaking with the caller about the degree of the outage and the number of users, functions and devices impacted.  iNEMSOFT will also work to determine if there are recently changed components in the customer’s environment that might impact performance, including upgrades, system reboots, network unavailability, etc. Based on input, context and assessment, iNEMSOFT will assign a severity level to the ticket.


Ticket Assignment and iNEMSOFT Support Times

iNEMSOFT will address all ClassOne® iCAS Radio Server issues and open and assign tickets to iNEMSOFT resources until the problem is brought to closure.

Phone/Email Hours

iNEMSOFT Support and Maintenance team will be available for customers with valid support agreement via telephone and email during normal business hours, and by email outside of business hours.

Customers who do not have a valid support agreement with iNEMSOFT may contact iNEMSOFT Sales to extend their existing agreements or to purchase support from iNEMSOFT.


On-Site Installation Services

iNEMSOFT Professional Services provides on-site and remote services in support of the deployment process.  Installation and training engagement may require on-site trips to the customer location, depending on project complexity or unique customer requirements. iNEMSOFT subject matter experts are trained to install and configure the products and to assist the customer with training and production deployment.

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